Designing is the art of combining abstract concepts with concrete materials. In applying design techniques to home and commercial space the designer aims to meld those two elements, along with the owner's personal taste and budget, into unique and beautiful living or working environments.

     Diann Gibson is one of those talented people who can look at a room and just "see" it's possibilities. EWI Design Services is based on putting those talents to work for her clients.


     Diann interweaves her professional skills with her art to create dream projects, both residential and commercial. Give her a color palette and a feel for your personal taste, and she can guide you through the process of turning your home or office into a comfortable work of art.

      In fact, she is an expert at taking what can be a very painful experience and making it enjoyable. That's because she takes the stress out of it for a client.


     If you are having trouble deciding on a color, a simple trick is to check your wardrobe. The color you find most there is probably a good place to start.

     Also remember to take note of the shading in your various rooms, how does the light change from morning to night? Light influences the mood of any room and will affect the color you eventually choose.

     When it comes to interior design, this free thinker feels like Tinker Bell. "I make dreams come true!"